Snap-N-Loc(TM) with SuperFelt(TM)

Snap-N-Loc(TM) with SuperFelt(TM)
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Part #:G2027

Our New designed Snap-N-Loc™ caps are unique to the school industry.  They are a one piece unit connected by a hinge. The top half locks over the original glide shaft. The bottom half contains the felt and hinges perfectly to contain the metal or nylon bottom of your chair glide. When you snap and lock the two halves together, it creates an encapsulated Felt Glide Cap that will lock in place permanently and becomes tamper proof. This is a unique feature not found on any other glide!

NEVER BUY ANOTHER GLIDE CAP AGAIN. Once installed over a worn out glide, our caps will never have to be replaced again. The SuperFelt™ cap will operate for many years and can simply be replaced without removing the glide cap. No other product can offer this remarkable option.   Once our cap is installed, all that is required is to replace the SuperFelt™, if necessary. The SuperFelt™ is just a fraction of the cost of our inexpensive glide caps.

Our Snap-N-Loc™ felt glide caps fit 95% of all school chairs, desks and tables and are unmatched in the industry. The caps will fit over the standard 1-1/4” diameter glides used on chairs, desks, tables and furniture made by most OEM (original equipment manufacturer).

These new Snap-N-Loc™ caps can be installed in seconds with one hand and without any tools. Install a 4-legged chair in under 30 seconds! With this new cap design, your maintenance staff no longer needs to be the only ones installing our Snap-N-Loc™ caps. Have your teachers or assistants install the caps in their classrooms themselves. Your school will be completely covered in a fraction of the time it takes compared to the other imported caps on the market.

The caps unique mechanism is designed to stay in place permanently, once locked, making it completely tamper-proof for safety and security.

Our SuperFelt™ has been designed specifically for long life and lasting chair and furniture performance. No other product can offer this proprietary felt.

The SuperFelt™ is contained inside a retaining ring to prevent deformation, flattening and increasing longevity even under heavy loads and extensive usage. Our SuperFelt™ has gone through extensive research and development and has exceeded our extreme abuse testing protocols. Our testing is much more demanding than a typical school needs.  

Our SuperFelt™ will eliminate noise from sliding chairs (teachers love it!) and keep floors clean from scratching, marring and damaging vinyl floor surfaces.  Our felt will even provide a polishing effect when sliding on vinyl or hard floor surfaces.

Our own proprietary SuperFelt™ is impervious to water, oil and most chemicals.

Our caps will not interfere with the normal movement and full operation of the glide or chair. The chairs are fully stackable with the cap in place!

100% guaranteed to work with your chairs and provide a streamlined, smooth "glove-fit" appearance over your existing glides, making the caps unnoticeable when installed over your chair glides. Please see our return policy for more information.

The Snap-N-Loc™ felt glide caps will save you hundreds of man hours and many dollars in floor repairs. Your savings will quickly add up to pay for the small cost of these glides and will save your school money.  Striping and waxing your floors less frequently will quickly add up in savings!

Your maintenance staff will not believe how easy it is to save your floors and reduce their workload.


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